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Description of the Tunnel Formwork System:
The tunnel formwork system is a machinery used in tunnel construction of concrete lining. It is the necessary non-standardized product in the second lining of the tunnel construction. We can provide simple tunnel formwork equipment, fully hydraulic self reacting tunnel formwork system and grid type tunnel formwork system.         

Products Type:
1. Simple Tunnel Formwork Equipment
This equipment is usually designed as an arc-type using the standardized combined steel formwork. The procedure can be set automatically, the movement is dragged by the outer driving force.

This kind of tunnel formwork equipment is generally used for short tunnel construction, especially for those of complex shapes. The more change are frequent and the more the technological requirements of the tunnel construction are stricts, the more advantages of this machine you can find.
Tunnel Formwork System

Tunnel Formwork System

2. Self Reacting Tunnel Formwork System
The self reacting tunnel formwork system is used for medium-length tunnel construction. This kind of equipment is designed to overall the steel formwork. During operation, it is supported by screw jacks. Most of the lining trolleys are similar to this machine. In order to get a better support, the formwork should be positioned in the low part.           

3. Grid Type Tunnel Formwork System
Compared to a traditional lining trolley, grid type lining trolley makes more changes. For traditional machines, the portal of trolley is the main bearing part, especially its lateral side which needs more pressure. Then, the portal will be out of shape because of it will be squeezed. On the other hand, it can not directly work in a tunnel which has cross lope and longitudinal slope, or the machine will be out of shape and out of service quickly.
While, the grid type tunnel lining trolley, its portal is not the main bearing parts. The supporter of formwork are the screw jacks on the arch springing of side forms; portal will be squeezed only when the formwork removal in the walking; besides, this machine has no pressure on its sides, so the portal should be designed measuring the weight of the trolley itself, and then ,it will not be out of shape. The stability can be kept thanks to an adjustment of the height of the jack-up oil cylinder below the portal, so that the machine is able to remain horizontal no matter what. When the screw jack is taken away, this equipment enables to move lining position quickly, therefore, the manpower and material resources are saved and productivity is increased, the working cycle is shorten, and relative costs are saved.                          

Project Instructions:
1. The settlement of concrete should be considered with an extra arc radius of 50mm.
2. Using this machine, the road should not have changing slope, left-right side model; moreover, this machine should be on a height above the ground of at least 400mm.
3. Before the buyer informs the dimensions on the structure drawing, we may take reference of 300mm temporary.
4. Please carefully check project and putting forward some valuable opinion for us, and then we will modify the drawing according to your needs. 

We are a manufacturer and supplier specialized in tunnel formworks in China. Our company is involved in research, production and sales of tunnel formworks. Thanks to their high quality and range of size, our products have earned a great reputation both in China and abroad. With more than 20 years of expertise, our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, Australia and many others. The precision of our testing and production equipments, and also our skilled workers guarantee a good control of our products. We can, of course, also provide OEM services. If you tunnel steel formworks, do not hesitate to contact us.

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