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    1. Rotary Shearing Machines
      Shearing machines are applied to cut spitted hot ends, cold bars and scraps. They are of various types such as cold crop shear, scrap shear, hot end cutting shears, rotary shears, flying shears etc. The rotary shearing machine is made from premium quality raw material. Generally, it is used to cut squares, bars and similar products. The cutting cap
    1. WE67Y Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bending Machine
      WE67Y Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bending Machine Performance and features: 1. WE67Y hydraulic sheet metal bending machine adopts double oil cylinder to control the slider movement. 2. The mechanical torsion is introduced to this kind of machine. 3. The digital display device used specially in Estun bending machine also be equipped to WE67Y hydraulic she
    1. Pressure Conversion Method of Bending Machine
      Pressure Conversion Method of Bending MachineThe conversion table as follows:P = processing pressure (t)P = Capacity (Tom)S = plate thickness (mm)S = Sheet thickness (mm)L = Plank length = 1000 (mm)L = Sheet length = 1000 (mm)V = Die opening (mm)R = RadiusH = Min. Sheet bending length (mm)P = 65 S & sup2; L/V HB Machinery Co., Ltd
    1. Hydraulic Shearing Machine
      Hydraulic Shearing MachineThe frame of hydraulic shearing machine adopts whole steel welded construction. The internal stress of the machine can be eliminated by vibration and heat treatment process. According to the shearing force, hydraulic driving is adopted. The hydraulic shearing machine is equipped with a power-driven back-gauge and manual fi
    1. CNC Steel Wire Rolling Pipe Bending Machine
      CNC Steel Wire Rolling Pipe Bending MachineThe operator software of CNC steel wire rolling pipe bending machine is advanced. Therefore, it is very easy to use. Spring programs can be saved to the computer internal memory. The mechanical part has eight sets of group slide rails, the crank and the cam rotation axis. The crank and cam rotation have th
    1. Rebar Bending Machine
      Rebar Bending MachineRebar bending machine with two gear transmission structure has the traits of high transmission efficiency, high torque, low energy consumption, simple operation, and convenience maintenance and so on. It can be used to bend large diameter steel bars. This bending machinery has diverse applications such as furniture, two wheeler
    1. Bending Machine Operation
      Bending Machine Operation 1. Switch on the power and open key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump. 2. Pay attention to adjust working process before using the bending machine. This adjustment includes electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning. 3. Generally, we should choose the bending notch whose thickness is 8 times of
    1. DW168NCBT Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
      DW168NCBT Hydraulic Pipe Bending MachineDW168NCBT hydraulic pipe bending machine adopts PLC control. The operation is simple. The function of manual cycle, semiautomatic half cycle, automatic cycle can be chosen freely. The mobile pedal switch with automatic startup and emergency stop ensure the highly safety of the machine. Large capacity and cool