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    1. Three Roller Bending Machine
      1. This hydraulic three roller bending machine uses German and Swedish technologies.
      2. The upper roller doesn't move, the two downer rollers rotate around the center. Those two rollers can be up and down at the same time.
      3. This machine needs to be fed of plates first without turning and then can finish pre-bending,....
    1. CNC Universal Upper Roller Rolling Machine
    2. CNC Universal Upper Roller Rolling Machine
      Description of the CNC Universal Upper Roller Rolling Machine:
      1. This machine provide a high-precision pre-bending and freely sets the length of the straight edge; upper roller directly presses on the pre-roll bending, so it can complete the end pre- bending.
      2. It is controlled by CN, technological parameters are set on the CN, so the operation is simple with a high productivity. ...
    1. Arc Adjust Plate Rolling Machine
    2. Arc Adjust Plate Rolling Machine
      Arc down-adjust plate rolling machine is one of our hot-selling 3 roller plate bending machines. It is well appreciated for its outstanding pre-bending performance compared with other plate rolling machines. Once feeding the plate, the pre-bending of the edge and circle can be completed without turning around.
      1. Therer is a main drive shaft in the arc down-adjust plate rolling machine. ...
    1. Four Roller Bending Machine
    2. Four Roller Bending Machine
      The structure of this machine has four rollers, the upper roller is the key drive. Through the engagement between the gear of the moderator and the gear of the upper roller provides the plates bending with torque ...
    1. Hydraulic Symmetrical Plate Rolling Machine
    2. Hydraulic Symmetrical Plate Rolling Machine
      Description of Hydraulic Symmetrical Plate Rolling Machine:
      1. This machine is symmetrical hydraulic plate bending machine with 3 rollers, which can be used to roll the steel plate into cylinder type or U type plate.
      2. The upper roller can be moved up and down ...
    1. Mechanical Symmetrical Plate Bending Machine
    2. Mechanical Symmetrical Plate Bending Machine
      This machine is symmetric with three rollers; the upper roller does lifting movement in the symmetrical center between the two downer rollers. This movement is driven by hydraulic pistons; while the two down rollers are rotating, the two reducing downer rollers torque the rolling plate ...
    1. Asymmetric Three Roller Rolling Machine
    2. Asymmetric Three Roller Rolling Machine
      Main Characteristics of the Asymmetric Three Roller Rolling Machine:
      1. This bending machine is asymmetric with 3 rollers, the upper roller is the main drive and the downer rollers do lifting movement so that the plate can be clamped tightly. At the same time, the downer roller gear meshes with upper roller gear.
      2. This machine rolls plates while it is doing lifting movement, it is well suited for pre-bending and round rolling ...
    1. Steel Plate Bending Machine for Marine
    2. Steel Plate Bending Machine for Marine
      1. This upper roller rolling machine is one of the largest and widest scale steel plate bending machine capable of pre-bending.
      2. The upper roller does lifting movement while the horizontal movement is executed by a hydraulic transmission, using simple hydraulic pistons, so it is easy to install ...

Plate Bending Machine

Attention before Use of the Plate Bending Machines:
1. The workers should know the structure and function of the plate bending machines. Being familiar with the operation of bending and rolling process and strictly complying with operation items is a must. 
2. Before or after working, all the buttons controlled by electric control system must be in a state of primeval position. 
3. When used, oil supply should often be checked at each lubrication dots to insure that they have enough oil. 
4. In the process of working, if this machine starts making irregular noises, impacting, shaking or oil spilling, it must be stopped and repaired.   
5. When used, transmission and joint parts should often be checked in order to keep them tight and fine.
6. Not allowing to roll directly non-welding gap processing or non-leveling steel plate.
7. While rolling steel plate, it must be vertical to the centre line of rollers.
8. During the rolling process, steel plate must roll up and down, and sliding is not permitted.
9. During rolling, the downer roll and the side roll cannot be up and down at the same time.   
10. Pay attention when rolling thicker steel plates.
11. When the bottom roll and side roll are at the lowest position, it can discharge material. 

Maintenance and Repairment of the Plate Bending Machines:
Frequent and correct maintenance prolongs the time of usage of the plate bending machines and reduces the cost of repairing. Some notices have to be followed:
1. The plate bending machine is working when it has enough lubrication.
2. Regular checking shall be done.
3. When wearing parts appears abraded, they must be replaced or repaired.
4. During the running of the machine, the temperature of all the parts should be checked. The oil tank temperature must stay below 60℃.
5. Hydraulic transmission system should be checked and cleaned regularly; some wearing parts should be replaced in time. Tank keeps regular oil level. Checking hydraulic oil at least twice a year.
6. All the components of the electrical system should be grounded appropriately. Each part should be checked and replaced, if any is out of work.
7. Piling up of the steel plates should be done properly, the oxide materials should be cleaned in time.
We are a manufacturer and supplier specialized in plate bending machines in China. Our company is involved in research, production and sales of plate bending machines. Thanks to their high quality and range of size, our products have earned a great reputation both in China and abroad. With more than 20 years of expertise, our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, Australia and many others. The precision of our testing and production equipments, and also our skilled workers guarantee a good control of our products. We can, of course, also provide OEM services. If you need plate bending machines, do not hesitate to contact us.