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Description of Four Roller Bending Machine:
The structure of this machine has four rollers, the upper roller is the key drive. Through the engagement between the gear of the moderator and the gear of the upper roller provides the plates bending with torque. The lower roller makes lifting movements, the hydraulic cylinder imposes a force on the piston to clamp roller sheet tightly. Moreover, there are side rollers on the side of down roller transmitting by screw nut turbine worm or hydraulic rod. The four roller bending machine can make plates both pre-bending end and round rolling.

1. This machine uses an unique synchronous structure and four-rollers veneer reeling machine with high precision and roundness. (The former type of sliding steering whose slides are easily abraded, so the precision and the quality of the machine will be affected.)
2. This machine is driven by a hydraulic motor. The four-roller veneer reeling machine is eco-friendly and energy-saving.

Four Roller Bending Machine

Four Roller Bending Machine

3. Straight edge is short, so the effect of pre-bending is more suitable for cones.   
4. The rolling process can be finished in one operation, including pre-bending of the two sides and the four-roller veneer reeling. This machine is easy to operate and only requires one worker.
5. Meanwhile, this machine has the function of automatic position adjustment and clamping so that the boards will not slide.
6. The four roller bending machine avoids overload and protects from hydraulic pressure.
7. This machine is abrading-proof, there's no need to lubricate it.
8. The diameter of roller is narrow, the four-roller bending machine can produce barrels of a diameter 1.1 times as small as the upper roller’s. While, bending-oriented linear slide can produce barrels of a diameter from 0.5 to 1.4 times as large as upper roller. )

Features of Four Roller Bending Machine:
1. This machine has a better ability to produce barrel with smaller diameters than ones produced by other machines of the same standard. Moreover, it is energy-saving, it consumes less electricity than most of our competitors' machines.  
2. Two kinds of rolling available: Asymmetric rolling and Symmetrical roll. So it can process forward bending and backward bending.
3. The operational program is easy to use, so anyone can operate it.
4. The upper roller can be designed according to its use, and side rolls are all main drive.  
Operating Principle of Four Roller Bending Machine:
The centre of down roller changes the curvity of making plate along the curve track; meanwhile, it also changes the distance between two down rollers. So it will not slide with the range from lamina to nominal thickness plate.
Use of the Four Roller Bending Machine:
1. This machine is a lower adjusting 4-roller coiling machine which is manufactured by employing European advanced structural design.
2. It widely uses in manufacturing cylinders in many fields, for example, petroleum, chemical industry, boiler, steel industry, machinofacture and others.
Technical Parameters of the Four Roller Bending Machine:

Model Thickness
Upper roller dia. Under roller dia. Side roller dia. Motor
Dimension (L×W×H)
W12-6×2400 6 2400 190 170 150 3 4020×1380×1250 3.6
W12-8×2400 8 2400 210 190 170 7.5 4660×1370×1320 4.6
W12-10×2400 10 2400 230 210 190 7.5 4660×1370×1400 5.56
W12-13×2400 13 2400 270 250 210 11 5009×1520×1430 7.2
W12-16×2400 16 2400 300 270 210 11 4920×1730×1460 8.11
W12-20×2400 20 2400 330 300 240 11 4970×1840×1610 10.57
W12-25×2400 25 2400 360 330 250 15 5040×1900×1680 11.8
W12-30×2400 30 2400 390 360 300 18.5 5020×2100×1980 15.8
W12-35×2400 35 2400 430 390 330 22 5280×2200×2180 20.7
W12-45×2400 45 2400 460 420 360 30 5645×2300×2585 30
W12-50×2400 50 2400 510 460 390 45 4800×2450×2500 45
W12-55×2400 55 2400 540 510 440 55 6000×3000×3050 49

We are a manufacturer and supplier specialized in rolling machines in China. Our company is involved in research, production and sales of bending machines. Thanks to their high quality and range of size, our products have earned a great reputation both in China and abroad. With more than 20 years of expertise, our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, Australia and many others. The precision of our testing and production equipments, and also our skilled workers guarantee a good control of our products. We can, of course, also provide OEM services. If you need bending machines, do not hesitate to contact us.

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