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HB Machinery Co., Ltd

Add: Rm. 607, 1619 Dalian Rd., Junfeng International Fortune Plaza, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-513-886-8510
Fax: +86-513-888-8641
Post Code: 200080
E-mail: hb@worldbrandcorp.com

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HB Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier specialized in bending equipments in China. Founded in 2002, our company has a high level product knowledge thanks to our R&D department and quality control department. Our main products are plate bending machines, profile bending machines, tunnel formwork systems, and steel formworks. Moreover, we can also offer shearing machines, press brakes, ball mills, rotary kilns or compound fertilizer production lines. Thanks to our efforts, our products have been exported to North America, South America, and Southern-East Asia, Mid-Asia and Mid-East and other regions and countries, such as: the USA, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and others. Meanwhile, our company is developing new products according to the market needs. We recently developed new products, such as arc bending machines, four rollers bending machines, profile bending machines, semi-hydraulic bending machines and manual bending machines, which have been praised by our clients. We can also produce tailor-made products to match the needs of clients and provide OEM services.

Products and Application:
1. Plate Bending Machine:
This machine is used to bend plates. Its hydraulic system is easy to maintain. Our plate bending machine is the most famous product in our company, its high quality and low price made it very popular on the international market.
2. Profile Bending Machine:
This machine can be used for bending steel angles, U-steel, sheets, circular tubes, and profiled tubes. This machine is user-friendly and has a low price.
3. Steel Formwork:
This device is used for building road and bridge. Our professional engineers will offer design for free.
4. Tunnel Formwork System
The tunnel formwork system is a machine used in tunnel construction of concrete lining. It is a non-standardized products for tunnel construction of other lining.

Quality Control:
Our company strictly follows ISO9000 standards and keeps on improving its manufacturing process and workers' performances. Our products are carefully inspected by our quality control department in order to insure that each set that we sell works fine. Furthermore, our machines are eco-friendly and have a reduced noise emission.

1. We offer design and technical support for free. Our client shall confirm products pictures. Expenses related EMS service shall be paid by the client.
2. When an order is placed, the contract will take effect upon reception of the deposit. The date of delivery will depend on the size and characteristics of the machine.
3. When the production of the machine is done and it has been carefully inspected by our QC department, we will inform our client that the machine is ready to be shipped. If necessary, the client can come to our factory to check the product by himself.

4. Products will be packed upon reception of the final payment.
5. We offer free guidance for the installation, trouble-shooting and training related to our machines. We can develop tailor-made products based on your specifications.
6. Our products are guaranteed for a period of 12 months following the date of purchase. Wearing parts will be charged after this period.

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